Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
Top 4 WordPress Web Development Tools You Can't Miss In 2022

Here are the top WordPress web development tools you can’t ignore in 2022: push notifications, email deliverability, caching, security, and more! Invest in these plugins today. You’ll be glad you get the perfect result! Until then, check out these other essential WordPress tools used by professional WordPress development services. And don’t miss the upcoming year’s top trends for development and web design.

WordPress plugins for push notifications:

If you want to send out notifications on your website, you should be familiar with the various WordPress plugins for push notifications. These tools enable you to send notifications to your visitors’ mobile devices. Many of them work across various platforms, and some of them even offer automatic notifications. If you’d like to get started with push notifications on your website, you should get help from professionals.

WordPress plugins for email deliverability:

There are several popular WordPress plugins for email marketing, but a few of them are better than others. If you’re looking to improve your email deliverability, you might want to consider MailPoet’s new version of its WordPress email marketing plugin. It claims to have an overall deliverability rate of 98.5%. Its Sending Service eliminates the need for a third-party SMTP server, and it stores your subscribers within your WordPress site. You’ll also find that MailPoet offers over 50 modern email templates, so it’s easy to build an attractive, informative email.

WordPress plugins for caching:

When choosing a plugin, look for simplicity. There are several “set it and forget it” caching plugins, but Hyper Cache is a good choice for WordPress beginners. It is easy to install, offers several advanced features, and is open source and mobile-aware. This plugin offers multiple performance settings, including CDN support and automatic page compression.

WordPress plugins for backups:

WordPress backup plugins are a great way to secure your site and make it easy to restore if necessary. They offer manual and automatic backup options, as well as premium features that make it easier to migrate, clone, and restore your website. They can also back up the entire website’s content, making it easier to restore your website if the worst happens. You can learn more about some of the best backup plugins for WordPress on internet.

By Megan