Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
How To Hire Foreign Workers With LMIA

How to hire foreign workers in Canada is now a reality for employers in most Canadian provinces. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the requirements and the application process for this new immigration policy. In this article, we’ll discuss who is eligible to apply for an LMIA and what the application process involves. We’ll also go over the time required for processing and if there are any fee exemptions. Click this to get more info about how to get LMIA for PR.

Process of applying for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA):

The process of applying for an LMIA involves following specific steps to meet the criteria for a successful LMIA. First, an employer must determine the skills required for the occupation they’re planning to fill. To determine the exact skill level needed, employers can refer to the National Occupation Classification system. This system is nationally accepted. In addition, employers must advertise all of their job vacancies for four consecutive weeks.

Eligible employers for LMIA:

An LMIA is a document that allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers who are eligible for LMIAs. The applicant must meet the requirements set by the government to obtain a LMIA. The application must be accompanied by documents that prove the foreign workers are qualified for the job, are willing to work in Canada, and are offering employment that is consistent with the business’s needs. A processing fee of $1,000 must be paid to apply for the document. In addition, an employer must advertise the position on Canada’s job bank for at least four weeks, and prove the worker has two other methods of recruitment. The application fee is usually waived for employers hiring caregivers or agricultural workers. The LMIA is valid for six months.

Processing time:

A facilitated LMIA process helps Quebec employers address the labor shortage by speeding up the immigration process for foreign workers. This method requires a transition plan for the second or subsequent application. It is important to know that the LMIA process is different in Quebec from other provinces. If you don’t know what it involves, you can read more about it here. To make the process quicker, you can look at the job bank and see what is available in your area.

Fee exemptions:

If you are considering hiring foreign workers, you must comply with the requirements of the Labor Market Impact Assessment. The LMIA imposes several conditions for hiring foreign workers, including a minimum age requirement, language proficiency, and citizenship requirements. However, there are certain exemptions for certain types of work. You must review these requirements carefully and submit the application for exemption using the appropriate form.

By Megan